To change or not to change, that is the questions…

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From Miss Jet Setter on Wedding Bee… we found this hilarious and wanted to share…

My  last name is very unique. It’s also very difficult to spell, pronounce, or try  to teach someone said spelling and pronunciation. “D as in David…E as in  elephant…” Growing up, I  couldn’t stand my eccentric seven-letter last name because even *I* couldn’t  spell the damn thing at first! It’s even got a crazy accent on it! When said in  its true French pronunciation it sounds absolutely lovely, but unless I decide  to defect to Canada or France it really does me no good here. I always used to  say that when I got married, I would be ditching my last name in favor of a  married name. However, the closer I got to marriage the more sentimental my last  name became.
It’s  the only last name I’ve ever had. It’s the last name of my father, my uncle,  their parents, and many other great aunts, uncles, and extended relatives. For  our little family unit, though, my sister, one female cousin, one male cousin,  and I are the only ones that are able to take our name forward. That is  technically only one person (my male cousin) in my family that will conceivably  keep our family name going after our generation. My sister (who got married last  year) hyphenated our name with her husband’s last name, so a piece of that will  continue on with her. M’s last name is fairly common in our region (it’s a very  Portuguese last name!) and easy to pronounce and spell. (BONUS: Taking Mr. Jet’s  last name pushes me to the beginning of the alphabet AND makes my name an  alliteration—how cool?!) I’ve thought long and hard about what I should do, and  with only four-plus months left, I keep going around in circles. Maybe it’ll  help to see it all on paper…let’s see, shall we?

Here are the scenarios I’ve  thought up:

  1. “The Feminist” (FIRSTNAME  MIDDLENAME MAIDENNAME) – Keep my name entirely.
  2. “The KEEP ALL THE NAMES!”  (FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME MAIDENNAME MARRIEDNAME) – Add my current last name  as a second middle name.
  3. “The Ol’ Switcheroo”  (FIRSTNAME MAIDENNAME MARRIEDNAME) – Ditch my middle name (which I happen  to really love) and move my current last name into that spot.
  4. “The Fancy Law Firm”  (FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME MAIDENNAME-MARRIEDNAME) – Keep my middle name and  hyphenate two last names.
  5. “The Fresh Start” (FIRSTNAME  MIDDLENAME MARRIEDNAME) – Drop my maiden name entirely.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to “The Ol’Switcheroo” and “The Fresh  Start”—but I’m not 100% sure yet. I love the idea of taking Mr. Jet’s last name  and creating our little family unit. I’m just not sure I can let go of that  horribly burdensome last name I’ve known for 29 years. Hmm…



Made Up Wedding Lingo for Everyday Use

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Thought you would enjoy some of the words made up by brides across the country… this was an exerpt from a confessed bridezilla- Miss Sword on Weddingbee

DIY: Destroy-it-Yourself. I have joked about how I am a  terrible craft-er many times here on the hive. I know DIY means Do-it-Yourself,  but I like my version better. It means you take full responsibility for what  happens to your project, it means it probably won’t turn out perfectly, and it’s  frankly, it’s a hell of a lot more fun to say!


DIYT: Don’t Invest Your Time. This is an acronym I coined  for the project that takes entirely too much time out of your life. Sometimes  it’s worthwhile, (like in the case of our tartan necklaces) but sometimes it’s better to just buy the  damn thing already.

Nanny Child: A child that you nanny, or more specifically, a  child that you love deeply and watch on a regular basis but that is not related  to you by blood. For years I have had trouble describing or clarifying my  relationship with my nanny children because it’s hard for people to make sense  of it if you’ve never spent as much time as I have with someone else’s children.  I’ve been with my nanny family for five+ years now, and they’re both in my  wedding, but I didn’t know what to call them in our ceremony program, hence the  title, nanny child. Does anyone else have this issue of notating an  unconventional relationship in their program?

Shmailing: Sharing the body of an email, word for word.  Sister Big Eyes sent an email out to her bridal party asking what hair/makeup  everyone would like, I got about half way through before realizing not only did  the tone sound an awful lot like me, it had been taken verbatim from my email to my bridal party concerning hair/makeup just a few months ago! Not that  I was bothered at all, on the contrary, I found it hilarious. Sister Big Eyes  doesn’t care for writing, and I’d already done the hard part, so why not shmail  it?

Shrendoring: Sharing a vendor with someone you know  personally, someone you are close to, or more specifically someone who is  planning a wedding at the same time as you. (Because obviously you’re sharing  your vendor with a ton of other brides but you don’t know them all). Sister/MOH  Big Eyes (who gets married this coming June) is shrendoring my photographer, my hair/makeup artist, and our alterations family friend. Does  our mutual MOB count too?

Wedding Crush: The wedding you like a lot and hope to marry  one day. Just kidding! This is the wedding that reminds you of your own and  makes you swoon because it’s just so beautiful! If you’d like a reminder, this  is the wedding I have been crushing on that matches my vision.  Basically your wedding crush is the wedding you want to be like when you grow  up. :)

Wirthday Gift: A gift that is deliberately given as both a  birthday and wedding gift. Sister Big Eyes gave me my cake topper as a wirthday gift. And it doesn’t have to stop  there, per the comments left on my post, someone said they received some  Whistmas gifts (wedding/Christmas) and someone else some Birthmas gifts  (birthday/Christmas). Love the creativity!


Before you say “YES” to your dress

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Almost all brides will agree, finding the perfect dress for their big day is at the top of their wedding to do list. Unfortunately, as with many aspects of wedding planning, brides find themselves more stressed than anything else, so to help keep your dress shopping stress free here are some helpful tips:

       bridal shop

       Establish a budget

  • This will help keep your choices realistic and in return avoid any potential disappointment.

       Don’t be afraid to shop around

  • Shopping for a bridal gown is not something you do every day, so you’re probably not as good at it as you are at let’s say shopping for jeans. Keeping that in mind it may take a while for you to find the dress. Don’t limit yourself or feel like you have to settle for the first dress you find. Allow yourself time to shop around.

       Know your body type

  • As with all clothing, everything does not look good on everyone. The more dresses you try on that compliment your body type the more likely you are to enjoy your experience and find your dress.

       Be flexible

  • We have all seen the bridal shows where the bride tries on the dress she thought was her dream dress and is completely disappointed. When you are looking at different styles remember dresses often look surprisingly different when you actually put them on so try not to get hooked on just one style.

       Choose your shopping company wisely

  • Remember this is supposed to be fun. Take the people who can give you their opinion in a supportive way without being judgmental or critical.






This is the person you marry…

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“One day someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else”



We are Kleinfeld preferred!!

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The best dress store in NYC thinks we’re the best too!

Welcome to the world!

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Travis James Breitmaier! He came into this world today and already has his mommy and daddy Linsy and Alex wrapped around his little finger!
We had the pleasure of helping this couple become man and wife a year ago in Clearwater Beach at the Recreation Center. It was a beautiful touching ceremony as her dad walked her down the aisle and Alex helped him with his cane as he took Linsys hand.
An awesome couple is now an awesome family and we are blessed you thought enough of us to share it with us.
With much love from your Ideal Design Events family! Congratulations!


It’s almost time!

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143 until the first Steelers home game at Heinz Field! We will be there cheering them on!

Come on in, sit right down!

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No matter where you are on your wedding journey, you are welcome here!

Here we GROW again!

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Knowing what a huge fan of Disney I am, we are overjoyed to announce the addition of some de-commissioned Disney props to our inventory. We came, we saw, we bought! The picture below was from Rachel and Corys wedding on April 14th. The Alice in Wonderland theme was thrilling for me! We used the trees from Mr Toads Wild Ride as a focal point in our cocktail hour and suspended the place cards from them!


Girl Scouts? Not so sweet!

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I never in a million years thought I would be writing about an institution that I not only belonged to for years but my daughter as well!But…
I have seen it all now- I can officially retire! I was threatened by a girl scout leader today who had no budget an needed decor for a dance this weekend. We played phone tag for a week while we attended a funeral for a client and had 3 weddings and 2 proms over the weekend. She contacted Tom yesterday and he quoted her prices to rent a bubble machine and some misc items. She said she wrote down the prices incorrectly so Tom suggested an alternative that would fit in her budget and where to get it and this morning I got an email that she had “shared her story” on Facebook, twitter and to the Tampa bay times as well as prom coordinators all over and everyone would know we were not helping her with her cause. I was shocked! We donate our time and decor constantly to All Children’s and the Ronald McDonald house! We help the children’s miracle network and make a wish all the time! I replied back, copied the president of the Girl Scouts and wished her the best with her event and advised the GS of her behavior. Really?!? Is this what social media is for? To threaten me into doing something? She should be ashamed of herself!